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David Trotta
Chef - Founder

Gina Cassese
Chef/Pastry Chef - Founder

Joy Dario
Chef - Cafe Lead


Modern Day Grandma’s Kitchen since 2014

At Whealth we believe that the warmth we bring comes from more than just the food we serve. It comes from soul, smiles and about caring deeply about each and everyone of our guests and clients.

Fresh Local Ingredients, Updated Family Recipes and more love than you could imagine drive our cuisine.

What started as a humble pop up in our founders home has grown from catering company, to cafe, to bakery in a short 5 years under the Direction of David Trotta and Gina Cassesse.

We look forward to inviting you into our home and/or visiting yours.



Blooming Hill Farm

Goffle Road Poultry Farm
Eggs, Chicken

Veritas Farms
Beef, Pork, Veggies